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Best Travel Essentials to Get in Kuala Lumpur
MUJI Travel Essentials
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Best Travel Essentials to Get in Kuala Lumpur

Are you gearing up for your next trip soon? MUJI isn’t just a dream for minimalists seeking quality home goods—it also offers a collection of travel essentials that blend practicality with quality. Here are nine must-have items from MUJI that will streamline your travel experience.

Travel Bag Hanger / RM21.90

Tired of wondering where to put your bag in busy cafes or restaurants? MUJI’s handy bag hanger hooks onto tables or chairs, and it even doubles as a keychain holder when you’re not using it. Its strong design ensures your belongings are safe while you enjoy your meal or relax.

Brush for bottle L-shape / RM12.90

Keep your water bottle clean throughout your journey with MUJI’s L-shape bottle brush. It’s small, effective, and gets into those tricky spots to keep your hydration buddy fresh and ready.

Identification label / RM3.90

Keep your toiletries organized effortlessly with MUJI’s identification labels. Perfect for labeling shampoo, toner, and other essentials in your travel kit, these labels are a small investment in making your life easier.

Neck cushion with hood / RM149

Perfect for those who enjoy their own space, MUJI’s neck cushion not only supports you during long trips but also comes with a hood for privacy. It’s great for catching up on sleep or creating a cozy corner while you travel.

One shoulder bag / RM 99

MUJI’s water-repellent shoulder bag offers plenty of space without compromising on style. Built to last, it’s your dependable companion for stress-free travels, whether you’re exploring the city or heading into nature.

3D Makeup sponge set / RM25.90

Elevate your beauty routine on the go with MUJI’s 3D makeup sponge set. It includes a silicone container for makeup detergent and folds neatly for easy storage in your travel kit.

Cleansing cotton buds / RM8.90 (10 pieces)

MUJI’s cleansing cotton buds are a must-have for quick touch-ups and makeup fixes on the move. Infused with cleansing lotion, they’re convenient and effective for keeping your look fresh.

Case for glasses and small articles / RM6.90 (S size)

Compact and versatile, this case keeps your glasses safe and doubles as storage for small items like toothbrushes or pens. Its simple design ensures both style and practicality.

Polypropylene cable case / RM9.90

Say goodbye to tangled cables with MUJI’s polypropylene cable case. It keeps your cords organized and can even be used as a phone stand—a must-pack for tech-savvy travelers.


With these essential travel buddies from MUJI, you’re all set to travel comfortably and stylishly. Whether you’re a local looking to upgrade your travel gear or a tourist in need of reliable essentials, MUJI has everything you need. To save more money, you can search visit their website to see if there’s any special promo- MUJI website first then swing by MUJI this weekend and start packing smart for your next adventure!

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