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Discover Must-Have Travel Essentials at KKV in Bukit Bintang

Searching for the next must-visit retail destination in Kuala Lumpur that offers an out-of-world shopping experience? Well, look no further than KKV! This lifestyle retail store promises not just a place to shop, but a vibrant, immersive environment where you can discover fashionable, trendy, and affordable items that cater to a refined lifestyle. Let’s dive deeper into what makes KKV the perfect spot for your next shopping adventure!

Have you ever heard of KKV?

KKV is a lifestyle retail store renowned for its high value and popularity. On the 30th of January 2024, KKV made its way and landed in Malaysia, launching its first ever outlet here in Kuala Lumpur’s Bukit Bintang. They are dedicated to offering products for diverse, refined lifestyles and aim to stimulate a brand characterized by “fashionable, youthful, and high-quality living.

The KKV shopping experience

KKV’s store design is one of the aspects that sets it apart from others. It is a four-story building with different departments allocated to each floor. Not to mention, its iconic vibrant and eye-catching yellow entirely coating the store with its massive logo as well as an LED screen topped above the front entrance, you would definitely not miss it!

Image credit:, 你猜猜 from Little Red Book

Inside, you’ll discover a broad spectrum of affordable products due to its 11 categories of premium lifestyle products, including daily-use items, gourmet food, innovative stationery, hipster toys, comprehensive skincare, fashionable makeup, clothing, and accessories. More importantly, they are all under RM50!

If you’re looking to travel, KKV is equipped with a wide selection of travel essentials to help you prepare for your trip. These are some of the highlights:

Disposable bed sheet/ toilet seat covers – RM4.90

KKV's Disposable bed sheet/ toilet seat covers

Image credit: @kkv.sea

KKV’s disposable bed sheet is queen-sized, a perfect fitting for individuals or couples due to its spacious design. And their toilet seat cover helps improve sanitation and cleanliness, thus you’ll be able to enjoy maximum comfort in restrooms. However, if you’re concerned about limited luggage space, do not fret—these disposable items come in compressed packaging to be able to fit snugly into your luggage.

Ear Plugs – RM9.90

KKV's Ear plugs

Image credit: 想和你分享 from Little Red Book

Comes in 10pcs per pack. Say goodbye to sleepless nights forever by wearing KKV’s ear plugs. With them, you are assured uninterrupted rest and peace.

Shower gel/ Shampoo/ Conditioner  – RM9.90

KKV's Shower gel/ Shampoo/ Conditioner 

Image credit:

Stay clean and refreshed with KKV’s luxurious shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner, each available for just RM9.90. These toiletries are all travel-sized, bringing your bathing experience anywhere you go! 

Sunglasses – RM39.90++

KKV's Sunglasses

Image credit: 草莓冰淇凌 from Little Red Book

Wear KKV’s sunglasses to shield your eyes from the blazing sun. Or pair them with your outfit of the day to step up your fashion game with its chic design.

Hand-held Fan – RM19.90

KKV's Hand-held Fan

Image credit:

Keep yourselves cool under the scorching heat with KKV’s Hand-held Fan. Perfect for hot days, outdoor activities, or anytime you need a quick cool-down.

Mosquito repellent patches – RM7.90

KKV's Mosquito repellent patches

Image credit: 想和你分享 from Little Red Book

Tired of pesky mosquitoes always swarming around you? Well, KKV’s mosquito repellent patches are designed to help ward off any of these bloodthirsty mosquitoes in your area. 

Socks – RM7.90

KKV's Socks

Image credit: 隆生金山湖中心(福利版)from Little Red Book

KKV’s socks are made from a delicate, breathable fabric that feels gentle against the skin. Provides exceptional coziness with every step.

Deodorant box – RM8.90

KKV's Deodorant box

Image credit: 我不是博主 from Little Red Book

Smell fresh and fragrant throughout the day by applying KKV’s deodorant box. This item helps you maintain a pleasant scent, thus boosting your confidence all day long.


Is it worth the hype? Absolutely! The immersive shopping experience offered by KKV is one you wouldn’t want to miss. Furthermore, Bukit Bintang is undeniably a must-visit on your Kuala Lumpur itinerary! So you might as well drop by KKV to experience the excitement, discover budget-friendly treasures, and enjoy the superb ambiance – perfect for a shopping date or a solo spree.

Plan your visit strategically!

To make the most of your visit, consider avoiding busy or peak hours to ensure a more enjoyable shopping. As you know, Bukit Bintang can get a bit crowded and stuffy during those hours, which could ultimately impact your shopping experience. For parking, consider Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Plaza Low Yat, Plaza Sungai Wang, or Lot 10, all within walking distance. Additionally, KKV is accessible via MRT/LRT, nestled next to the MIX convenience store, providing a convenient travel option. If you are feeling famished after your journey through KKV, be sure to check out these: 10 must-visit cafes around MRT Bukit Bintang

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